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Translation and interpreting with soul.

My name is Maya and I have been a freelance conference interpreter and translator for over 20 years. My specialities are science (especially medicine) and law (I am a certified translator and interpreter). I also often interpret and translate subjects related to fashion, sport, music, cinema, politics, and the social and solidarity economy, among many others.

I work for organisations and companies in Spain and abroad, as well as international organisations.

I work with a broad network of reliable professionals (interpreters, translators, proofreaders, sound technicians, voice-over artists) to provide a comprehensive service to my customers.

I am passionate about words and have forged a career from that passion. However, I firmly believe that communication goes far beyond the linguistic level: it is not possible to translate and interpret effectively without empathy; intentions, emotions and cultural nuances must be captured and conveyed.

Making use of technology is important, of course, but it is even more vital to leverage everything that distinguishes us from machines.

So in a world that is becoming increasingly automated (with all the mediocrity automation entails), I offer a conscientious, high-quality and deeply human service.

Service with soul


A career forged from a passion

I have a degree in translation and interpreting from Pompeu Fabra University (1996-2000) and a master’s degree in conference interpreting from Vic University (2001).

I am a certified translator and interpreter (English-Spanish) accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

I have more than 20 years’ experience as a freelancer.

I am a conference interpreter (simultaneous, consecutive and liaison; face-to-face and remote). I have interpreted at all kinds of events: medical conferences, hearings and trials, press conferences, training sessions, audits, conventions, market research, music festivals, film festivals, etc.

I also work for international organisations as a translator and terminologist.

I worked for many years as a translator on Eduard Punset’s TV programme Redes. I now work on El Cazador de Cerebros and other science programmes. I am passionate about popular science.

I translate children’s stories in tandem. Reading them to my niece is perhaps the most rewarding experience of all.

I was a founding member of APTIC, the Professional Association of Translators and Interpreters of Catalonia. I have held several positions on the association’s board, including president. I am currently on the Foreign Affairs Committee and am APTIC’s representative to the Vértice Network. I am also a member of Asetrad.

In my work for the associations, I have organised training activities and conferences on translation and interpreting. I have also taught courses, moderated roundtables and written articles, such as this one.

Professional associations



This is the most widely-used form of interpretation. It looks like magic, but it is all about technique. An exciting technique, which I describe here.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreters (two per language, taking turns every 20-30 minutes) translate everything said in the room in real time.

This type of interpreting requires technical equipment and is the most suitable kind for most events (conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, etc.) because it is agile, immediate and dynamic and enables translation into multiple languages at the same time.


The interpreters work in soundproof booths. The audience hears the translation (in real time) through receivers.

If it is a small room and the service requires mobility (e.g. on-site visits), it is also possible to use portable simultaneous interpretation equipment (Infoport).

It is important to analyse each case carefully to decide on the most appropriate option. I will organize the team of interpreters and put the necessary equipment at your disposal.

If you need remote simultaneous or hybrid interpretation…


There are now many platforms that enable simultaneous interpretation to be provided remotely.

The interpreters are not in the same room as the speakers and the audience, but are connected to the event virtually via a platform.

There are also hybrid forms; the possibilities offered by technology are endless.

If you need remote simultaneous or hybrid interpretation…


I will help you rent the best sound technicians and technical equipment for each event.


Consecutive interpretation has made dreams come true for me, such as meeting great astronauts, filmmakers and chefs. However, consecutive interpreting involves much more exposure than simultaneous interpreting: interpreters are forced outside of their comfort zone (the soundproof booth) and onto the stage.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter stands next to the speaker and translates what they have said after each speech fragment, based on the notes they have taken. Consecutive interpreting is used for press conferences, bilateral negotiations and brief protocol events. It does not require technical equipment apart from the microphone and PA system. However, it makes the event take almost twice as long.

If you need consecutive interpretation…


In liaison or commercial interpreting, the interpreter assists the user. Liaison interpreting is usually two-way, involves shorter speaking turns and there is normally no note-taking by the interpreter.

It is used for company meetings, visits or small-format negotiations.

If you need liaison interpreting…


To translate science, it is essential to understand and enjoy it.

I have loved science since I was a child, when I first gazed through a telescope. I have translated scientific articles, television interviews (for programmes such as Redes, El Cazador de cerebros, Tres14, etc.) and in recent years I have specialised in medicine.

I translate for laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and international organisations.

If you need a scientific translation…


I have been a certified translator and interpreter for more than 20 years, accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

I can help you translate official documents (contracts, deeds, certificates, court judgments, articles of association, etc.). I can also interpret for courts, tribunals, registries and notaries.

If you need certified translation or interpreting…


Words are my passion: I don’t just translate and interpret. I also offer proofreading and editing services, linguistic and terminological advice and scientific writing.

Quality. Professionalism. Friendliness. Empathy.

Translation and interpreting with soul.


Maite Fandos Hernandez
Maite Fandos Hernandez
Maya trabaja fantásticamente. Eficiente, rápida, y amable. Muy recomendable.
Patrick Bones
Patrick Bones
Maya Busqué delivers premium-quality interpreting services in all of her working languages while adhering to the highest professional standards. Her many years of active service in the Spanish and international interpreting markets, countless satisfied customers from all industries, the public administration and tertiary sector, and the holding of relevant institutional offices in professional associations are all a testament to her stature as a leader and role model of the profession.
Beatriz Abril
Beatriz Abril
Maya es una intérprete fabulosa y muy profesional. Es concienzuda en la preparación de los encargos y tiene experiencia en muchos campos de especialidad, lo que la hace versátil. Hemos colaborado en varias ocasiones y siempre ha salido todo perfecto. ¡Un lujo de intérprete!
Miriam Lange
Miriam Lange
Maya es una profesional espetacular. Es fiable, hace todo a tiempo récord y de una calidad insuperável. Estoy muy satisfecha con su servicio. La recomiendo 100%. Además, es una profesional agradable y muy simpática. Gracias por tu rapidez y amabilidad.
Joe McGuire
Joe McGuire
Maya’s translation services were recommended to me by my Barcelona lawyer for an oral court trial which required translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Maya was extremely professional, with fast email responses and arriving to all meetings early and prepared. Maya explained to me how best to talk with breaks to allow her to most effectively translate. On the day of the oral trial Maya arrived having already pre-read all the evidence and court documents. Maya had also taken the time to understand the technical terminology which would be used in the case. Maya had the skills to adapt to the dynamic environment of a court trial giving me a real time translation between Spanish and English. This allowed me to understand the process, so I highly recommended Maya’s professionalism and skill.
Teclat SLU
Teclat SLU
La Maya és una gran professional i ofereix sempre un servei de traducció i correcció d’una qualitat excel·lent, tant en l’àmbit medicocientífic com en el jurídic. Cuida amb molta atenció cada detall i ens dona tranquil·litat en el compliment del termini de lliurament i confiança en l’entrega de textos completament revisats. Pel que fa a la interpretació, ofereix un servei professional de la màxima qualitat, és metòdica i exhaustiva en la preparació del tema i té un molt bon saber estar en totes les ocasions, per molt variades que siguin.
Ma R
Ma R
Ofrece servicios de interpretación. Muy profesional.
Excelente intérprete. Muy profesional. No dudo en contratarla cada vez que tengo ocasión.
Silvia Palá Intérpretes
Silvia Palá Intérpretes
He recomendado a Maya en numerosas ocasiones como intérprete de conferencias y también como intérprete jurada de inglés. El feedback ha sido siempre muy positivo, no solo por sus cualidades profesionales sino también por su buena predisposición y ganas de trabajar.

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